January 7, 2017

1/7/2018 Log

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Well, time here on the East Coast is 9:24 in the dwindling hours of a Sunday. And, as all New Years go, brocken promises, bottles of whiskey, and several bad country songs later…

No. That was the life of one of my characters. My life has been… well… scattered. There have been tragedies this year – plural, and one is too many. But there has also been some forward movement. Marriage, a completed first draft, a plot outlined, many ideas collected in journals, some expanded on, many many balls being juggled.

And part of that is my web site and blog. Changes are coming. Many changes. So, as with all long-term projects, this is not a re-launching, but a revising. I’ll ramble a bit, and maybe you’ll like what you read. If so, drop me a comment and many thanks. If not, let me know anyway. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I won’t bite unless poked at.

Now that I’ve finished channeling Will Rogers, Jr….

Here’s what to expect from here. At some point in the future, the format and look of the site will change. I’m working on a couple of ideas for interactive storytelling, and may be using part of the site for beta. This has still to be worked out.

I’ll be posting polls. I’m entering a research phase now, so I’ll likely be posting a bit of this and a dash of that — wherever my research brings me. (Of course I’m going to be selective. Spoilers!)

As this revision occurs, the site will morph – things will shift and disappear. It’s okay – net reality sometimes needs time to cascade out of its previous configuration. (And, believe it or not, that’s human time, not machine time. No matter how fast or recursive or quantumly connected and refracted, machines still only exist to follow their programming. Can they be intentionally misprogrammed?? That’s the subject for a different post. 🙂 )

This is not the place for politics. Feel free to comment, but leave the campaign buttons and conspiracy theories with the lobby attendant. This blog is about entertainment, with a healthy dose of wonder; it is inclusionary. Visitors are welcome.

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