John Quincy Adams’ Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory

Due to the lack of availability of an error-free electronic version of this seminal work on rhetoric, I have painstakingly begun editing it in order to preserve its readability and availability. The lectures, originally delivered at Harvard University, and published in 1810, are in the public domain.

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Tommy Rolls Into Boston with Raves

A review written for the December 17, 1993 Everett Advocate of the National Tour of The Who's Tommy at the Colonial Theater, Boston.

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Cherry Sour With Bitters

A short story written for the 2008 OUT Short Fiction Contest. This is about the relationship between a drag queen and her supportive lover the evening after a show. I particularly like the atmosphere of the piece.

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The Jubjub Birds

A one-act play written in 1999. It's the story of an unwitting writer who is lured to a garden party to be toasted and torn apart.

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The Gull's Lament

A one-act play written way back in 1994. A lighthouse haunting drives the keeper — the widow of a lost sea captain — into madness.

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The Canine Body Armor Skit

A short three-minute skit reminiscent of Monty Python.

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